The new 2022 HardDrive catalog is out, and we are pleased to announce our expansion with NAMZ by bringing in their popular Letric Lighting Company product line.

As they work to fine tune their product offering within the HardDrive catalog, they are excited to see the vast amount of high-quality LED products that Letric Light Co. brings to the table.

This large SKU addition gives our dealers a broader selection of Plug-n-Play or custom LED upgrades for V-twin and Indian models.

Letric Lighting Company is a solid partner with a positive agenda for their position in the motorcycle industry and they take care of their customers directly with a Limited Lifetime LED Warranty. 

(statement from Namz) In 2021 NAMZ teamed up with the WPS/HardDrive to offer both the NAMZ and Badlands products in the HardDrive catalog.

As we shift in to 2022 we are looking forward to expanding our partnership with the HardDrive team by offering our Letric Lighting Company products in their 2022 catalog.

HardDrive’s distribution network offers us an opportunity to our gain additional exposure so we can continue to offer new and exciting products to the motorcycle community.

We are looking forward to the continued success we have experienced with the NAMZ, Badlands, and Letric Lighting Co. branded products and the HardDrive team with this announcement.  

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