Tucker Powersports Launches New E-Bike, Scooter Catalog

Tucker Powersports just launched an extensive catalog of electric bicycle products. It provides motorcycle and ATV dealers with the products necessary to succeed in the emerging market. The Tucker e-Power product line includes electric bicycles, electric scooters, riding gear, apparel and related equipment. The worldwide electric bike industry has experienced tremendous growth. It’s expected to grow by over 50% and reach nearly $35 billion by 2026.  

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E-Bikes are a hot market segment and Tucker Powersports has been named the authorized distributor of Italian-made Fantic e-bikes. Initial products from Fantic include five high performance e-mountain bike models that are available to dealers in June.  

“We are taking steps to help our dealer network broaden their product offering which will draw in a new audience looking for fun-to-ride bikes and scooters, along with the clothing and gear that make the experience even better,” said Brad Turner, Tucker’s VP of Sales.  “Our launch of the e-Power line with over 200 products makes it one of our largest new product programs ever.”  

Tucker Powersports launched a range of over 200 e-bike and scooter products this week, including five high performance e-mountain bikes from Italian-bike maker Fantic. The Fantic XEF 1.9 models shown will be available to Tucker dealers in June.  

Tucker advised their dealers of their new e-Power program. The company also provided a full digital catalog of products as well. It includes hard-to-get electric mountain bikes, electric scooters, and related products. Many of the apparel products are available for adults and children. Several of the new products are sourced from current Tucker partners like 100%, Muc-Off and Strider, along with bicycle tools and equipment from Tucker’s BikeMaster brand. Tucker will also implement training and support programs for their e-Power dealers, including additional point of sale supplies and digital marketing materials.  

tucker powersports
There’s a new world of electric scooters now, and Tucker Powersports is bringing eleven different models to their dealer network. Features include hydraulic disc brakes, ABS, no-puncture inflatable tires, suspension and LED lights. The Dualtron Storm shown is one of the feature-loaded products launching this week.  

The most notable additions to the Tucker product line include a selection of high-performance electric mountain bikes from Italian motorcycle and bicycle maker, Fantic, and a broad range of electric scooters from Dualtron and Minimotors Speedway. Tucker is now the US distributor for Fantic e-bikes, a company founded in Italy in 1968 which has earned loyal fans throughout Europe.  

Fantic Frantic

Off-road bicyclists have also shown particular interest in the five high-end products from Fantic. These Italian-made models include the XEF1.9, XTF 1.5, XTF 1.5 Carbon, XMF 1.7 and XMF 1.7 Carbon.  All five bikes feature name-brand components, full suspension and disc brakes.  Each bike is also available in several frame sizes and the premium models include carbon fiber frames. All feature 36-volt, 250W mid-drive motor from Brose. Battery capability varies by model and retail prices range from $5190 to $7990.  

Tucker Powersports: Not Just for Kids

Once considered just for kids, electric scooters have also evolved to meet the needs of all types of riders. With capabilities that run from a fun commuter platform to serious off-road performer, these aren’t the old aluminum toys in the backs of garages. Some even go up to 80 mph. Tucker’s offering of 16 scooters from Dualtron and Minimotors Speedway. Options include hydraulic disc brakes, ABS, and no-puncture inflatable tires. Retail prices run from $1029 to $4690. Tucker’s trained sales reps will also assist dealers in ordering a product mix that meets the needs of their customers.  

“This is just a start,” said Marc McAllister, President and CEO of Tucker Powersports. “Electric vehicles are a big part of the world’s future transportation and recreation.  The mission of our e-Power line is to help our dealer network take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to expand their business and bring in a whole new segment of customers. See what else the motorcycle parts company is up to.

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