ARCH Motorcycle KRGT-1 Gets Euro 4 Certification

ARCH Motorcycle is pleased to announce the new KRGT-1 model has achieved Euro 4 certification and is available for sale immediately in European markets. The new European specification ARCH KRGT-1 will be on public display at the Swiss Moto exhibition in Zurich from February 20-23 courtesy of ARCH Motorcycle and ARCH Motorcycle’s Swiss distributor, Speedbox.

Powered by a signature 124ci S&S/ARCH V-twin engine the KRGT-1 is noted for its handling and performance characteristics without compromising all day cruising ability. The latest model features over 20 major changes involving more than 150 newly designed and manufactured components. The new ARCH KRGT-1 features redesigned bodywork, upgraded suspension, ergonomic enhancements, updated braking components and safety features including standard ABS.

Achieving Euro 4 certification while retaining the core ARCH design concepts of simplicity, elegance and innovation has been a significant achievement for the company, led by ARCH Motorcycle co-founders Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves.

“The focus to achieve Euro 4 certification and make ARCH motorcycles available to more riders around the world, has taken a significant investment of time, energy and innovation,” Hollinger said. “We didn’t want to just make the existing bike meet the regulations, we wanted to use the opportunity to make meaningful design updates throughout the machine. The benefit of partnerships with Bosch, Michelin, TE Connectivity, K&N Engineering and S&S Cycle were tremendously helpful throughout the entire process.”

“We took Euro 4 compliance as an opportunity to look at every element of the motorcycle,” Reeves said. “We didn’t just look at the parts we needed for certification; we took on every element that we had been considering to redefine the motorcycle moving forward. These design changes along with the requirements for the legislation, have resulted in an even more refined ARCH KRGT-1.”

Distribution within Euro 4 territories is split between the parent company and two nominated distributors. For Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Austria distribution is managed by Speedbox GmbH – In the United Kingdom distribution is managed by Future Moto – For all other Euro 4 regions interested customers should contact ARCH Motorcycle directly at

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