Bell Helmets Eliminator Carbon Full Face Lid

Bell Helmets’ Eliminator Carbon promises and delivers bold, assertive street performance. Think of it as sixty years of evolution rolled into a stripped down, no-BS helmet that combines light weight, perfect fit, and a legendary protection. The auto-inspired design features a 6k carbon shell. The lid can be worn with a no-fog face shield or visor (includes Dark Smoke faceshield).

Additionally, arm pockets woven into the interior liner make using glasses with the Eliminator a no-hassle affair. The Eliminator Carbon packs a 6k carbon fiber shell that also provides the look and feel of a racing lid.

eliminator carbon

See the full-face lid for yourself here. Bell Helmets is a proud sponsor of the VTV Performance Motorcycle Show, taking place at the Four Corners rally September 5th.

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