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Biltwell Inc Bubbalicious Face Shields


Much like the ancient Bubbalicious Bubblegum of the 1970s, Biltwell Inc bubble shields come a variety of bright colors. However, the similarity doesn’t end there.

biltwell inc bubble shield

The `60s and `70s were the glory days for both this here shield and that brand of chewing gum. Bubble shields were an instant hit with the hip chopper crowd. They’ve remained a popular safe-riding essential in modern times also, thanks to advancements in polycarbonate technology and mold-making.

Biltwell bubble shields are a snap to install, if you start with the center snap and move outward. To clean your shield, use mild soapy water solution and a microfiber cloth to loosen bugs and road debris, then dry it with a second clean microfiber towel. Never use harsh household or petroleum-based chemicals to clean your bubble shield, especially on the inside, as they can destroy the shield’s special coatings.   

biltwell inc bubblehead

Check out all the options on the Biltwell Inc website.


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