Bitubo – JBH High Performance Fork Cartridge for V-Twins


Inspired by European road racing efforts, the Bitubo JBH is a completely adjustable, high performance damper cartridge with fitment for most Harley models.

Factory forks are generally open bath dampers, meaning the oil is sloshing around in the fork tubes and the damping is created when the oil is pushed through a hole in a damper rod. This crude style of suspension control dates back to the 50’s, is not adjustable for rider weight or style and is prone to wildly inconsistent damping control.

This is where Bitubo fork cartridges come into play. Replacing all of the internal parts of a fork with a performance damper that uses deflective discs to provide control. Defective discs resist the flow of oil, providing smooth, controllable damping. A well damped fork is also shaft speed sensitive, which allows the damping to increase as the suspension input increases. For instance, small rollers would not want heavy damping, but a square edged bump at speed would drive the shaft speed and require increased damping control to help smooth out the hit.

The JBH cartridge kit takes that a step further with tunable damping, including 20 clicks of compression & rebound. Ride quality can be further optimized with 10mm of preload adjustment.

The Bitubo Fork Cartridge is available for 2004-22 Sportsters, 2006-17 Dynas, 2018-23 Softails and 2014-23 Touring models. Cartridge kits are also available lowered, stock height and 2” over for many models.

Check with your local Bitubo dealer to grab a set as well as a pair of their matched piggyback shocks for a true Italian performance ride.


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