Brock’s “West Coast Bagger” Aluminum Swingarm

This Handcrafted and made in the USA 6061-T6 aluminum swingarm is a 100% bolt-on design, which can be used with OEM rear wheel, caliper, spacers, and associated components. But what makes this swingarm great is that it has an offset pivot mount that both increases oil pan clearance and allows the use of longer shocks. The swingarm is available in 0-3” lengths over stock and it has a 3-position shock mount, that features flexibility in ride height (+2″, +1″, stock) and is compatible with shock lengths from 13″ to 15”. When swapping the Brock’s swingarm over the stock unit a 42-percent weight advising can be achieved as well. For more info on this sweet-looking and functional piece, hit them up at:

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