QUESTIONED: Anthony Sollima 

Place: Chatsworth, CA  Handle: @tony_27cycles  URL:

What do you do for money?  

 I work on Harley’s at 27 Cycles, but now I mostly take part in designing parts and doing the warehouse duties around the shop like packaging, shipping, and everything else that has to do with manufacturing Harley parts (or trying to at least!) We recently started making a new line of parts that we believe in and we are just really trying to start taking on the whole manufacturing side of the motorcycles business. 

How did you get into motorcycles? 

When I was growing up I wasn’t around motorcycles too much, but my dad did have an old Honda in the garage from before I was born. Our family dog chewed up the wires when he was a puppy and I just remember it always being there in the garage. When I finally was old enough to pick up a wrench I would pretend to work on it and “fix the problem.”  I never fixed that old Honda but it started my addiction to everything with 2 wheels. As a kid, I would Ride my bicycle around Culver City pretending I was on a Motorcycle. Then I got my first dirt bike when I was about 14. It was all over from then on! Fast forward a few yrs and I when I was going to college in Santa Barbara, the local Harley dealer had a job opening. I took a part time position selling clothes, I didn’t care that my hands were not getting dirty, I just wanted to work around bikes.  Fast forward a Few more yrs to when I had my first kid at 21 and realized I needed a career and the only thing that came to mind was motorcycles. I decided to enroll myself into MMI, I graduated from there and been fuckin’ around with Harleys ever since.  My brother and I bought an existing shop in ’08 that turned out to be a huge fucking disaster but we made it happen, turned it around and still have our doors open in 2018!!! 

What was your first motorcycle?

 The first street legal bike I bought was a 1988 FZR 750 for $1700.  I sold my 89 F250 when I was 19 to get a fire engine red H-D Sporty but turns out couldn’t make it happen…I was a few bucks short and couldn’t close the deal back then. I needed the transportation for work so had to buy something quick.. but it sure didn’t take long to get on my first Harley! 

What do you currently Ride?

 2018 Harley Davidson Fatbob 

What is your all time favorite motorcycle?

My 2001 Harley FXD that I bought for $3,000 (the same bike I totaled in a race)

What Attracted you to motorcycles?

Well shit theres a lot…but mostly its the freedom I have when i’m on the bike. When I’m on my bike is when my head feels right and no matter whats going on in life…the only thing that matters is the road/track in front of you! Thats probably a song or something…if it’s not it should be!  

What do you like about riding motorcycles?

 RACING!!!!! & having a good time!! 

How have motorcycles changed your life?

Motorcycles have opened so many doors for me on a business and personal level that I have so much to be grateful for. I have met so many amazing people through out the years and can’t imagine where I would be if motorcycles weren’t a part of my life. Just being able to load up, get on the bike, and ride to wherever is the only thing that keeps me going. And now, its loading up and head out to the race track!!

Who or what have you gained inspiration from?

Theres a lot of people that I have gained inspiration from but to start it all off when i was a kid, I would have to say Jessie James. I know its cliche or whatever, but I thought a lot about this answer. That was the first person I saw growing up that did shit his way and was very successful, not to mention he is fucking GREAT at what he did and still does. He follow’s his passion and you can see it in all his work and that has always been inspiring. I have met so many inspiring people in this industry that I can’t even start to list and a lot of it started at Foundry Moto with Dudes that were/are so talented when I was living in AZ. 

What has changed your life for the better?

First and foremost its my family, My awesome wife that puts up with my crazy shit and our 4 crazy kids. Honestly she’s the team manager for sure, without her I wouldn’t be able to get half the shit done that I do. Thank you baby I am so grateful and one hell of a lucky guy!!!!  And secondly, is fuckin Racing!!!!!  Racing has made me want to be better, not just at racing but at life, and its been a really awesome couple years so far! 

What has changed your life for the worse?

Wrecking my bike with no insurance and broke my femur a month after my second son was born. Set me back for awhile! But just kept going and fortunately I have a good family and an awesome brother/Business partner And we kept it going!! 

Any other statements or slander?

Don’t be scared. Come out to the track and ride your Harley as fast as you can! We only need 6 more Amateur racers to start our own V-twin racing class! Its going to be fuckin’ rad, so hit me up! 

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