Burns Stainless – No Holds Barred (NhB) Racing Exhaust Systems for Harley-Davidson

Costa Mesa, CA – Burns Stainless, the renowned name in exhaust engineering, is proud to announce the launch with the 2024 V-Twin Visionary Tour displaying our cutting-edge racing exhaust systems tailored for Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 Touring and Softail models with “big-inch” twin-cam racing engines.  These pipes are too hot for stock bikes!

Burns Stainless

Say goodbye to power band dead spots! With years of collaboration with top big-twin tuners globally, we have consistently aided in securing victories, setting records, and achieving impressive power gains in dyno shootouts. Our meticulously engineered pipes are designed to deliver a broader power band, ensuring increased power through seamless shifts. Notably, our exhaust systems have left an indelible mark on racers participating in Bagger Racing League drag and road courses.

The exclusive No Holds Barred (NhB) exhaust systems for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are ready for hassle-free installation. Each NhB exhaust system boasts a stepped pipe design, the renowned Burns Stainless merge collector, and a lightweight muffler. Crafted from mandrel-bent ASTM269 304 Stainless Steel tubing, our systems undergo 100% Argon back-purged TIG welding and come standard with 02 sensor bungs. The adjustable primary length optimizes torque and power, complemented by an adaptable header mount – all proudly made in the U.S.A!

Burns Stainless

Our state-of-the-art system is the result of the application of our proprietary X-Design Parametric Exhaust Modeling Program. Tuned to accommodate engines ranging from v-twin to potent 12,000 hp top fuel engines, the X-Design program ensures optimal performance.

In the pursuit of every inch of horsepower, discerning racers value the precision fitment, low weight, and robust TIG welding found in our exhaust systems. What you acquire is a minimal weight, maximum flow, and maximum power exhaust system.

Burns Stainless remains committed to delivering excellence in exhaust technology, providing riders with a superior riding experience.

About Burns Stainless

Burns Stainless, LLC has been building custom performance and racing exhaust systems, mufflers, collectors and bends for over 30 years. Relentless innovation in exhaust technology is more than a tagline, it propels Burns Stainless to consistently improve high quality exhaust components for the motorsports industry.

From NHRA to NASCAR their expertise in engineering is proven on winning teams. Based in the center of innovation, Burns Stainless was founded by veteran racer and performance enthusiast Jack Burns the company is now led by Vince Roman with an enhanced focus on engineering and relentless innovation.

Contact us at BurnsStainless.com or 949-631-5120

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