Legend Suspension’s AXEO Performance – The Ultimate Upgrade for Aggressive Riders

Legend Suspensions proudly presents AXEO Performance – a cutting-edge front suspension cartridge system designed to elevate the riding experience for enthusiasts seeking unmatched agility, comfort, and control.

Legend Suspension

AXEO Performance is equipped with a performance spring rate that delivers agile handling, catering to the demands of aggressive riders without compromising comfort. Engineered specifically for FL touring models, AXEO Performance ensures the retention of the factory ride height, seamlessly integrating with the bike’s original design for optimal performance. AXEO Performance provides improved cornering clearance and minimizes the risk of dragging floorboards and foot-pegs. This is for riders who crave the thrill of dynamic maneuvers and want to experience a new level of ride quality, straight-line stability, high-speed cornering, and maneuverability. AXEO Performance’s threaded pre-load adjuster offers an increased pre-load range that allows riders to fine-tune the suspension based on various rider weights, which ensures a comfortable and controlled riding experience across various road conditions. Say goodbye to front-end dive – AXEO Performance reduces it, enhancing front tire traction under aggressive braking and providing riders with improved control.

Legend Suspension

Designed to be used with stock-diameter front wheels, AXEO Performance goes a step further by offering compatibility with 21″ and 23″ wheels with the addition of a Legend Travel Limiting Kit (sold separately).

AXEO Performance cartridges are designed for optimum compatibility with all Legend’s rear suspensions, creating a seamless and cohesive suspension system for maximum efficiency.

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