Corbin Rally Seat for Harley Pan America

Corbin replaced the two piece stock unit on the Harley Pan America with a single piece basepan to provide a platform with a leaner, flatter profile. This saddle is specifically made for those who also use their Pan America off pavement and want more ability for body movement and aggressive riding. Notice how we eliminated the step to allow you to easily position your body further back when you need to lighten the front end.

With the flat profile also comes a bit of height. In fact, you will find that the Rally seat actually sits slightly higher than the stock seat (in high position). Given the already hefty stature of the Pan America, this might seem a bit outlandish to some, but not you… you’re an Adventure rider and ground reach is only a concern to lesser beings! When you need to stop for fuel between Barstow and Vegas, you’ll just pull up next to an armadillo or tortoise to use as a step. Done!

Saddle Up

Kidding aside, there is a large step in the chassis from the rider area to the passenger area which dictates the height of the front platform. This actually makes for excellent seat-peg relationship that allows an easier transition from stitting to standing on the pegs repeatedly. The saddle is overall narrower than the stock plaform to keep your legs in tight and give back some of that reach.

corbin pan america saddle

Inside, high density Comfort Cell foam allows a low profile while providing a firm supportive ride that lasts. Rider mobility is enhanced with this design while is also provides a mild ergonomically shaped bucket for less demanding trails. This bucket helps eliminate centralized pressure felt from the stock seat. In the nose area, we sculpt the saddle narrow to allow for ground reach.

Neutral Alignment

Passenger seating area is designed for short to medium rides with a neutralized platform to curb sliding forward in the saddle. When not carrying a passenger, the flat shape gives you room to move back when needed and is suitable to strapping down a pack too.

corbin pan america saddle

Notice how close the Corbin saddle fits to the tank, tail section and sides… this kind of fit comes only from a Corbin saddle and our unique Fibertech basepan. Our rigid base material not only fits perfect to the bike, but provides a firm foundation to support the carefully designed foam shape. Corbin’s ergonomic shaping creates a visually pleasing look on the motorcycle and adds to the custom appeal.

We include a wide range of material, color and texture options for your saddle at no extra charge. Above we show it with Black Grabber seating, Classic Leather trim, Matte Black sides and Black stitching. Grabber provides a rugged offroad look and grippy surface texture. Choose from a variety of materials and build your own look at no extra charge.

Corbin’s saddle is designed to work with the optional Harley-Davidson saddlebags and trunk box. Mounts to the motorcycle easily and integrates with the factory key lock. Find full specs and more on the Pan America seat here.

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