Corbin Widowmaker Saddle for 2020 Indian Challenger

The Corbin Widowmaker saddle has made its way to the new Indian Challenger touring bike. They took the concept of the solo design Wall saddle and merged it with their two-up Gambler model to create the Widowmaker. Featuring six inches of vertical back support in the rider’s area while keeping a low profile without external backrest, it’s a go-to for a less reclined riding posture.

Corbin Widowmaker Saddle for 2020 Indian Challenger

The Corbin Widowmaker saddle offers a sleek, flowing appearance that makes this design extremely popular for around town cruising. The seat features a sculpted driver’s position with a clean pillion seating area providing a sweet profile. This saddle disperses the rider’s weight ergonomically and provides long lasting support while still providing good ground reach at stop signs. This is an excellent choice for riders that often ride solo or have passengers along for short to medium range trips.

Corbin Widowmaker Saddle

This saddle is also available with the option of an electric seat heater in the front for an added bit of comfort and luxury. Corbin says it wires easily to your bike; the Corbin seat heater is controlled via a conveniently-located switch along the rider seating position on the left side. You just plug in the Corbin saddle and enjoy the warmth on those chilly morning rides. Note: passenger seating is not heated on this model of saddle.

Corbin saddles are known for their tight, integrated fit to the bike and this model is no exception. It installs just like the stock motorcycle seat with the fender mounted bracket at the rear and one bracket on each side under the side covers. Pricing for this new saddle ranges from $593 (not heated) to $733 (heated). If you’d like to find out more about the Widowmaker Saddle and other Corbin products, take a look through the company’s website.

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