Feuling M8 Cylinder Head Breathers

Feuling Cylinder head breathers for Milwaukee-Eight engines are machined from billet 6061 aluminum with square surfaces. This promotes excellent umbrella valve sealing. Longer main breather exit nipples with dual O-rings also-promote better breather system sealing.

feuling m8 head breathers

Properly sized breather inlets and location for optimum engine breathing. Unique design maximizes breather volume and allows for easy serviceability. Breather bodies feature multiple drain ports located on the inside floor. The company the chamfers ports on ID for easy drainage. However, they’re also squared off on exits, thus deterring filling from splash oil. Anodized Feuling red. Kits include: billet breather housings, billet covers, breather filter elements, umbrella valves and quality hardware.

Feuling breathers work, seal and you will find they hold an engine vacuum. Testing shown on a healthy engine will see 3-4 oz of oil in the sump and once the dipstick is removed another 3-4 oz will drain. This test procedure can only be performed with a sealed engine meaning no external venting via dipstick or trans top cover.

feuling m8 head breathers

Breathers work with external venting via dipstick, trans cover and air cleaner. They come with a one year warranty with option for an additional year if warranty. Made in the USA, the breathers are stock replacements for Milwaukee-Eight Touring and Softail models. Rocker Cover Gaskets sold separately. For more information on these and other aftermarket V-twin products, go here.

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