FOX Electronic Preload Rear Suspension for Indian Pursuit and Challenger

The Indian Pursuit and Indian Challenger gain a suspension advantage over the competition with new FOX electronic ride height rear shock technology. The tech allows the rider to make a simple but important shock preload adjustment by scrolling through the Ride Command controls menu and adding total weight.

fox shocks for indian pursuit image

Now you don’t need to get off the bike, remove the side cover, and turn a wrench to change ride height and reduce sag. The rider controls comfort and performance for solo, two-up, or loaded adventures. Changing ride height from solo to two-up takes less than a minute.

Providing up to one inch of preload travel, the FOX electronically adjustable preload rear shock system creates 1,600 pounds of hydraulic force to compress and support the spring, removing the need to readjust the shock manually.

What does this mean for rider comfort and control? A negative coil spring prevents harsh top-outs, feel and noise while providing small bump compliance in the unloaded position.

The two-inch aluminum body houses an internal floating piston (IFP), standard technology across all FOX vehicle suspension. FOX’s super high-flowing pistons maintain that smooth fluid ride characteristic of a big V-twin, like the new Indian Pursuit. The IFP separates the nitrogen gas from the shock oil. Thus, the IFP maintains damping control no matter how long or hard you ride. The rear monoshock provides 4.5 inches travel. Get the rest of the details on the rear shocks here.

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