New Rekluse Products for Indian FTR 1200

Rekluse RadiusX and TorqDrive high performance clutches are now available for Indian FTR 1200,  FTR 1200 Rally, and  FTR 1200 S models.

rekluse radiusX
RadiusX Autoclutch

RadiusX combines TorqDrive (friction disks) and EXP (auto clutch disk) technologies to fit within the existing OE clutch components. It also delivers higher torque capacity and increased power transfer.

TorqueDrive Manual Clutch

This is a high-performance clutch pack designed for decreasing slip and unlocking the full power of the engine. TorqDrive thin friction disk technology also allows more disks to fit in the OE clutch footprint. All of this leads to smoother shifting, increased torque capacity, and lighter pull. The same clutch technologies found in both Rekluse clutches have also been put to the test over recent years at the highest levels of racing.

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