Saddlemen Indian Challenger Seats

Saddlemen Indian Challenger seats are out already! The legendary seat maker has seats available for the new 2020 Indian Challenger touring bike, less than a week after the bike’s launch. Saddlemen Indian Challenger seats are yours to have in several Saddlemen styles – StepUp, Roadsofa, Slim, and ProSeries.saddlemen challenger seat

Every Saddlemen seat features the company’s exclusive GELcore Technology that reduces engine vibration by up to 50% and road impacts by up to 92%, allowing you to ride up to 400% further.

saddlemen indian challenger
Want your Challenger to stand out from other baggers? A new seat can help.

Visit your local Seat Center Dealership, check out the website, or contact one of Saddlemen’s friendly and knowledgeable seat specialists today at (800) 397-7709 or email

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