Smith Bros EZ Install Pushrod Sets for M8 and Twin Cam

Smith Bros knows that swapping pushrods on your Harley-Davidson can be a bit more of a chore than it needs to be. That’s why they make cool parts like EZ Install pushrods for Milwaukee-8 and Twin Cam Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

smith bros harley pushrods in package

In other words, these rods eliminate the need to pull apart your engine for a pushrod swap. Each set of four adjustable 3/8″ OD x .090″ Wall Thickness pushrods comes with 7/16″ x 20 TPI screws for use in Harley Davidson’s engines. Not only that, they’re lighter in weight and improve performance, while using the stock valve spring pressures to do it. That said, you need to know that they’re only compatible with Smith Bros or Colony pushrod covers.

Like what you see? Then head over to the company website to order a set of pushrods for your Harley-Davidson today.

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