S&S Cycle 136” Big Bore Kits for M8 Models


136” Big Bore Kits for M8 Models

In the continuous pursuit of horsepower, bigger is always better, and that’s where S&S Cycle comes in with their biggest big bore kit yet! Take your stock cases or the recently released MK-Series crankcase from S&S and match them to these massive 4.320” bore cylinders and pistons. When paired with the 4 ⅝” Stroker flywheel, this combination results in a heart-pounding 136” monster of an M8 engine that still perfectly fits in the Stock chassis.

S&S Cycle

Available with Highlighted fins, non-highlighted fins, and Black Granite options, there is sure to be a finish to fit your build.

To find more information and detailed specs, check out the S&S website or get them for yourself from your favorite local dealer today!

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