Sturgis Buffalo Chip | Rural SD Schools Receive Strider Bikes

Kindergarten students in three rural western South Dakota schools will be learning to ride a bicycle in PE class thanks to a gift of 66 Strider balance bikes from the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, Flying Piston and Strider.

strider bikes buffalo chip
The bikes were assembled by Buffalo Chip staff, packed into a trailer and hand delivered to elementary schools in Dupree, Lemmon and Faith, S.D.

Donations made through the Buffalo Chip’s Biker Belles® and The Flying Piston made it possible for each of the schools’ Kindergarten PE programs to receive everything needed to teach children how to ride bikes. All three schools received teacher training and certification, a structured eight-lesson curriculum, a fleet of 22 Strider 14x Balance Bikes, 22 Pedal Conversion Kits, 22 fully adjustable helmets and a five-year support plan.

“We’re on a mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class,” said Strider President Ryan McFarland. “Through the All Kids Bike program, donors have placed these balance bikes into 165 schools in 27 states, impacting 68,000 students, and we have 62 schools on a list waiting for donors to fund their program. Learning to ride a bike builds self-confidence, not to mention a healthy lifestyle.”

strider bikes donation
The children were surprised with an assembly that unveiled the bikes and gave students the chance to test them out.

“This was truly a great day,” said Sturgis Buffalo Chip President Rod Woodruff. “The looks on those little faces is something I’ll never forget. It was evident that some of them had never been on a bike and this was an opportunity for them to learn, to be part of the group and not left behind.”

strider bikes program

Funds raised in upcoming Biker Belles and Flying Piston Breakfast events will continue to support the mission of All Kids Bike by providing Striders to additional schools. For more information on the All Kids Bike program and how to have Strider bikes donated in a school near you, click here.

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