Twin Power Launches Harley-Davidson Crankshaft Position Sensors Line

Twin Power announced a new line of Crankshaft Position Sensors (CPS) including seven-part numbers with fitments for Harley-Davidson models dating from the 1999 model year through current. This includes models using the Milwaukee 8 engine. Twin Power was the first aftermarket company to create a line of these OEM-quality sensors. The launch is a significant expansion of the company’s CPS offering.    

twin power harley crankshaft sensor line announced

The Crankshaft Position Sensor is a critical part of a Harley’s engine management system. It delivers crankshaft position data to the bike’s electronic control module, which in turn determines engine timing and fuel delivery. A motorcycle with a faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor will typically have inconsistent performance and difficulty starting.  

“When a crankshaft position sensor goes bad, your bike isn’t going anywhere,” said James Simonelli, Brand Manager for Twin Power. “We’ve created these products to be an affordable solution to a common problem. That’s why they are in such high demand from DIY motorcycle owners and motorcycle repair shops seeking a replacement part that will generate profits for their business.”  

Twin Power tested the new lineup in the U.S. to meet OEM specifications. It’s endurance tested to 60,000 miles to ensure sensor longevity. The units also use OEM-style connectors for an exact fit. They utilize encapsulated circuitry, along with vibration and heat resistant polymers to stand up to the harsh operating environment of a motorcycle’s engine.  

The line includes nine-part numbers, each with a different fitment covering the million+ Harley-Davidson motorcycles made between 1999 and today. All of the TwinPower CPS models retail for $52.95.  See all of the company’s Harley-Davidson upgrades on their website.

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