V-Twin Visionary USA Tour Tennessee Stop at the Motorcycles & Music Revival

We pulled into Loretta Lynn’s Ranch on a Thursday evening and as always we were greeted by a ton of great people. The staff of the Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival are just about as cool as you can get and they lead us and out 43-foot Rowley White x Genesis Supreme toy hauler and Ford F-450 dually traveling show rig through the already packed event grounds to get to our show spot, which was at a great location down by the creek.

The next morning we met up with the staff of Harley-Davidson and basically gave them the blow-by-blow of how we were going to do our VTV Performance Show at this particular event. 

Usually we park in a parking lot and are the main attraction the whole time the V-Twin Visionary USA Tour hits town to do it’s thing. But at TMMR there is just so much going on with badass chopper shows, vendors, sexy bartenders, food trucks, and a ton of great bands. it seemed as if maybe we could get lost in the mix with our Performance Show. 

And that ended up being further from the truth than all of us at TMMR could have ever imagined. We had at least triple the bikes from last year’s TMMR show with a ton of the most killer Performance Harleys the Southern States had to offer making the scene. The show was so good and so big that we let it run two hours after the intended ending time so all the spectators could see the bikes. As per the norm now Road Glides ruled the roost with a good number of “Club Style” Road Kings also showing up. We also saw a good number of Dynas, a few well built M8 Softail, a ton of race-ready Sportsters, and the most H-D Pan Americas we have ever had at a show!

On tear down after the show we were all watching the Doppler radar on our trusty iPhones and could see that the storm was coming soon and it wasn’t going to be any kind of joke when it got there. Se we rushed to get our tents down and our sponsor’s product cases stowed away before the first drop of rain hit the ground. And we had pretty good luck with that. But all of the other stuff got the wrath of the rain. So much so that we just heated up some water and made Barenjager Hot Toddies and drank them while peeking out of the back of the trailer until the sheeting rain subsided into a heavy drizzle. Once the sun went down and we could make a run for it, we dashed passed the piles of wet tables, chairs, and other crap we couldn’t get in the trailer in time and headed for the covered pavilion to watch some more music from legendary past and present country artists. And man after a few more drinks in the VIP area we weren’t at all sad about the rain.

The next morning we dried off what we could, shoved it into our trailers and trucked on out of there. We seriously cannot tell you how much fun we always have at this event. You need to put the Tennessee Motorcycles & Music Revival on your “biker bucket list” and make it out next year. You won’t be sorry you did. See ya next year!

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