V-twin Visionary Smoky Mountain Tour: It’s Showtime!

Yesterday we officially kicked off the 2020 V-twin Visionary Smoky Mountain Tour with bikes, rides, and much more. Here’s a snapshot of some of the motorcycles in attendance.


After a full day’s ride in the nearby Smoky Moutains, folks settled in at The Shed to fill their bellies, kick back to some music, and, for the VIP pass holders, enjoy some Barejager Honey Liquer on us.


And of course, our awesome sponsors, vendors, and builders were on hand for the festivities also. Among them, Tucker Speed, sporting these two fine custom bikes.

V-twin Visionary Smoky Mountain Tour

The best part? The V-twin Visionary Smoky Mountain Tour ain’t nearly over yet. We’ve got the entire weekend ahead of us. Check out the full schedule and see. Hope you make it out!

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