Vance & Hines Expands Harley VO2 Air Intake Lineup

Vance & Hines’ VO2 Air Intake lineup is the company’s fastest growing product line. Improved airflow and dramatic styling drive the VO2 line’s popularity with Harley-Davidson V-twins. The lineup of air intakes now includes new styles and finishes. It includes the addition of “skullcap” styles, which are the definition of minimalistic. V&H prices all of these new additions to the VO2 lineup at under $300.  

vance & hines VO2 harley air intake

“We’ve seen tremendous demand for the improved performance and style offered by our VO2 Air intake products,” said Vance & Hines President and CEO Mike Kennedy. “It’s only natural that we offer more options for Harley riders looking for the finishing touch for their bike.”  

Vance & Hines began expansion of the lineup by launching of the Radiant III and the Radiant V. These three- and five-spoke styles let you match the air intake’s look with other components on the bike.    

Less is More

The sleek and minimalistic design delivers maximum air flow to a bike’s engine using a high-capacity air filter and the new patent pending Force Velocity Stack. The Radiant III and Radiant V deliver increased air flow and give a motorcycle a sleek custom look. Both models are available in Black, Brushed Stainless Steel or Chrome. Fitments are available for Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee 8-powered motorcycles, Throttle By Wire Twin Cam, Sportsters and early Twin Cam models. Radiant III and Radiant V retail for $299 in black(red filter element), $259 in Brushed Stainless Steel(red filter element) and $279 in Chrome(black filter element).  

vance & hines VO2 harley air intake

Also new to the Vance & Hines portfolio of VO2 Air intakes are two “skullcap-style” intakes, the Stingray and the Eliminator. These units are the ultimate in minimalistic styling, allowing the washable filter element to remain in full view while the cover provides visual impact to the engine. Both offer improved airflow using the company’s Force Velocity Stack and add a touch of Vance & Hines style to a rider’s bike. Available in both Black and Chrome versions, the Stingray and Eliminator are available as a full air intake setup and also as a replacement cover for other Vance & Hines VO2 air intakes.  

The VO2 Stingray Air Intake is inspired by the scoop hoods of classic high-performance hot rods. The Vance & Hines logo adds the finishing touch to the Stingray cover.  

The look of the VO2 Eliminator Air Intake draws inspiration from the company’s racing heritage. It also emulates the CNC-machined pockets of the billet end caps used on Vance & Hines racing motorcycles.  

A Fitting End

The company makes them in fitments for Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee-8 bikes, Throttle By Wire Twin Cam, Sportsters, and early Twin Cam models. VO2 Stingray Air Intake Kits and VO2 Eliminator Air Intake Kits retail for $249.99. Stingray and Eliminator skullcap covers (purchased separately) for Screamin’ Eagle or other select aftermarket round filters retail for $79.99.  

Rain covers are available for all of the new VO2 Air Intakes.  

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