What Can Maxima Racing Oils Do for Your V-twin?

Maxima Racing Oils can keep your Harley-Davidson running smooth, that’s what. If you’re enjoying the fun that is Coronavirus lockdown, it’s time for doing garage projects.

harley-davidson oil change kit

And that can be a great opportunity to put needed maintenance into your bikee. Moreover, fresh oil and a fresh filter always mean better riding.

maxima racing oils filter
ProFilter Premium Spin-On Oil Filters

ProFilter Premium Oil Filters use M-Pleat technology. It’s a structural paper design allowing for larger filtration area and greater capacity to hold contaminants. Thus extending filter life by 20-30%. These Spin-On Filters – Silicone Anti-Drain Back Valve allow optimum oil pressure to be obtained quickly, which reduces the time for oil to reach critical areas at start-up. Plus, a  17 MM Hex Wrench Removal Nut comes standard for easy removal and pre-drilled for safety wiring. The filters are also 100% /eak tested. And the pre-lubricated gasket ensures optimum seal to the engine.

maxima racing oils vtwin oil change
V-Twin Oil Change Kits $40.99-$103.99

Maxima Racing Oils V-Twin Oil Change Kits ease the oil change process in your H-D motorcycle. Each kit comes with all necessary products for a full oil change. These include engine oil, transmission oil, primary oil, drain plug o-rings and a ProFilter Wrench Removal Premium oil filter. And all kits come in two forms: full change or quick change.

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