Name: Kirk Taylor

Place:Custom Design Studios, Novato, California. 


What do you do for money?

Make dreams a reality.

How did you get into motorcycles?

My father was into bikes, He built girder frontends back in the 70’s

What was your first motorcycle?

A Honda Trail Bike 50cc when I was 10yrs old.

What do you currently ride?

A heavily modified H-D FXRT I have owned since 1991.

What is your all-time favorite motorcycle?

The H-D FXR of course.

What attracted you to motorcycles?

The ability to go anywhere, the sounds, the smells, the artwork.

What do you like about riding motorcycles?

I like going fast and the wind in my face, being alone with machine and the freedom to

“check out” from the rest of the world when I ride.

How have motorcycles changed your life?

I’ve been fortunate to have already had a long career in in the motorcycle industry because of custom bikes and the people who ride them.

Who or what have you gained inspiration from?

I find inspiration all around me, And I become inspired by the clients that bring me their ideas, trusting my vision of their dreams.

What has changed your life for the better?

My wife Lisa at my side, taking on what life brings us.

What has changed your life for the worse?

The Bullshit artists and the fact that the financial side of this business can really be a buzzkill if you’re not cognizant of where your dollars are going and why.

Any other statements or slander you would like the world to know?

Follow your dreams, surround yourself with talented, good people. Beware of people that make excuses constantly. They will blame you for their shortcomings eventually. Treat people like you want to be treated. Be real, Be yourself.

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