Brock’s V-Twin Street Pro Aluminum Swingarm

In this clip, Jeff G. Holt shows off the Brock’s V-Twin Street Pro Aluminum “West Coast Bagger” aluminum performance swingarm. They make it for custom Harley-Davidson Touring Baggers and FXR motorcycles.

Leaning heavily on technology proven in the stupid fast turbocharged sportbike area, the arm is made with the performance rider in mind. Brock’s V-twin tubing, bracing, billet aluminum ends and 28mm Chromoly axle configuration routinely control 750 hp/350 ft-lb no wheelie bar missiles in 6 second/220MPH action.

Adapting this winning combination for smooth operation and long street life for your FL, they installed replaceable PTFE lined spherical bearings from Worldwide Bearings at the pivot loops. Billet 3-position shock mounts (1/2-13 thread) are standard, allowing for +2-, +1-inch, and stock height mounting positions. Speaking of flexibility, check out the billet bolt-on brake stay designed to function with the OEM brake hanger. In fact, Brock’s Performance Bagger swingarm bolts on using your OEM rear wheel, spacers, and pulley. It also works with your favorite aftermarket replacement rear wheel.

brock's v-twin

Visit their website for more information on this here swingarm.

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