Greene Bros Designs Harley-Davidson M8 Softail Mid-Control Brake Linkage

Greene Bros Designs M8 Softail Brake Linkage


Greene brothers Designs has solved the 2018-2021 non-adjustable brake pedal issue, which plagues Harley-Davidson Mid-Control Softail motorcycles. By swapping out the stock steel linkage with this fully adjustable billet aluminum version you can just and set the brake pedal height exactly where you need it. Also, with this stiffer linkage design and quality USA construction it allows any rider big or small to have a better overall braking feel. Swapping it out is easy. Just pull the stock one-off with the two OE bolts, replace it with the new GBD linkage and use a bit of blue Locktite on the threads of the bolts before screwing them back in for good measure. Trust us when we tell you that this is the best one of these on the market. They are available in black, silver, red, and gold with black rod ends and hardware.

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