Heavenly Dyna | Donald Hulse’s Second Time Around

So you may notice that this Harley-Davidson Dyna has already been featured by V-Twin Visionary. It is the second official version of this bike. As a result, Mr. Holt thought that there should be an updated bike feature after all the current upgrades were on the bike.

The funny thing about this bike was it was suppose to remain stock! After having other bikes that seemed to always be in the shop for ideas I had or parts I wanted I told myself on this one I’m going to keep it the way it is, well…. It started with the paint my buddy Seth at Aggressive Designs. He said let’s just do a little color change; the next thing I knew there was lace, panels, and massive air brushing.

harley davidson dyna

Next was the motor. It was getting to the point where the stock 103-inch with cams and a pipe just wasn’t doing it for me anymore so Greg at Hyevon Choppers suggested lets just do a 110-inch kit. Next thing I know the motor was pulled, the crank was getting welded and balanced. Then the new heads were sent to the machine shop for some improvements and a bunch of Horsepower Inc boxes were showing up full of performance parts.

Wheel Dyna-mic

Boosted Brad by chance had some Brock’s V-Twin BST wheels just laying around and I was able to make a deal to get them on the rebuild. Shortly after getting the carbon fiber wheels, I saw the new Dyna swingarm from Pop’s Garage Fab and had to get one of these amazing pieces of CNC-machined art to really to finish the bike off.

harley davidson dyna

After a few break in rides on this new version of the bike, the stock tranny wasn’t able to maintain the new power of the bike so, in short, it exploded. After some thinking I knew that a Baker Grudge box was going to have to be installed.

harley davidson dyna

With the GP front suspension/GPR stabilizer combo in the front and the Legends Suspension shocks out bike this bike rides on rails now. All I can really say is I love this bike. And its more than just sexual…


Owner- Donald Hulse

Shop- Hyevon Choppers   

Shop Phone- (562) 907-3844         


Year/Make/Model- 2014 Harley Davidson FXDL          

Fabrication- Assorted friends/family

Build Time- Never Ending



Type-Twin Cam

Size- 110ci   

Builder- Hyevon Choppers

Cases- H-D  


Heads- Screamin’ Eagle

Rocker Boxes- H-D

Cams- TTS   

Throttle Body- Horsepower Inc.                

Air Cleaner- Horsepower Inc.       

EFI Controller- TTS Master Tune



Year- 2014

Type-Baker Grudge Box    

Gears- 6        

Clutch- Evolution    

Primary Drive- H-D


Year/Type- 2014 H-D Dyna          

Rake/Stretch- Stock



Make- H-D    

Length- two inches over

Springs- GP Suspension Cartridges

Suspension Tuner- GP Suspension

Triple Trees- GPR


Swingarm- Pops Garage Fabrication      

Rear Shock- Legands Revo-A



Front Wheel

Builder/Size- Brock’s BST 19”      

Tire Brand/Size- Michelin Commander II            

Brake Calipers- Performance Machine   

Brake Rotors- Lyndall

Rear Wheel

Builder/Size- Brock’s BST 18”      

Tire Brand/Size- Michelin Commander II

Brake Caliper- Performance Machine     

Brake Rotor- IMZZ Elite

Sprocket- IMZZ Elite

Chain- EK Chain


Painter- Aggressive Designs

Paint Manufacturer- Aggressive Designs

Colors Used- Blues and Silvers   

Graphics- Aggressive Designs

Pinstriping- Aggressive Designs                                      

Powdercoating- Reliable Powder Coating


Front Fender- H-D  

Rear Fender- H- D  

Gas Tank- H-D        

Dash- H-D    

Gauges- H-D

Risers- Boosted Brad         

Handlebars- Big Al’s           

Grips- Cult x Vans x ODI

Mirrors- Arlen Ness

Hand Controls- Performance Machine   

Throttle Tube- San Diego Customs                     

Foot Controls- Boosted Brads      

Floorboards- Boosted Brads         

Pegs- Boosted Brads

Headlight- H-D Daymaker 

Taillight- Moons MC

License Mount- Barely Legal 

Crash Bar- Santoro Fabworx

Seat- Saddlemen

Sissy Bar- H-D

Sissy Bar Pad- H-D

Fairing- JD Customs

Written by Donald Hulse

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