Our Harley-Davidson 2020 Lowrider S Project Bolt-On

Work on this Harley-Davidson 2020 Lowrider S, aka the Vtwin Visionary Project Bolt-On Bike, is in full swing. We’ve added performance upgrades from three leading companies in the V-twin world: D&D Performance Exhaust, Zipper’s Performance Products, and ThunderMax. With over 100 years of experience combined they provide proven products that make horsepower and enhance rideability.

harley-davidson 2019 lowrider s
The stock exhaust system is out of place and does not match the muscle of the Lower Rider S. It is also very restricted and lacks the rumble that is expected to come from a Harley-Davidson.

project bolt-on bike
To remedy this situation, D&D hooked us up with their M8 Bob Cat Up-Swept exhaust system. We opted for the black ceramic coated headers and carbon fiber muffler sleeve. To match the air, fuel and spark we went with the ThunderMax Wave Tune EFI module and Ballistic air cleaner along with Zipper’s Performance Products Red Shift 468 Cam Zip kit.

We visited the ThunderMax headquarters in White House, TN to have all these performance goodies married together. Before we installed everything, we ran the Harley-Davidson 2020 Lowrider S in stock form on the dyno and ran 93 h.p. and 104 tq. After that we laid out the arsenal of parts and got to work. First we got rid of the stock exhaust system to allow access to remove the stock cam.

ThunderMax Air cleaner
The Ballistic Air Cleaner not only bolts on quickly it also looks great with the M8 engine.

ThunderMax WaveTune install
At the same time on the opposite side of the bike, we tackled the removal of the stock EFI module and replaced it with the ThunderMax WaveTune.

It is a stand-alone tuning system that utilizes their proprietary AutoTune technology. With it in place you next download their Smartlink software and plug the provided cable from the ECM to your laptop. Now you simply load the base map which is based on engine size, throttle body, cam, exhaust and air cleaner. Load the map and write it to the system. Detailed instructions are on their site and are easy to understand. The experts at Zipper’s have done it all for you by formulating the kit with everything you need for the job; gaskets, cam bearing, lifters and pushrods with chrome or black covers. I could take you down the detailed road of installing the cam kit but that has already been documented in a detailed format that is available on their site.

Harley-Davidson 2019 Lowrider S
The D&D Bob Cat Up-Swept system mounted in place with no resistance. The provided brackets and hardware matched up perfect. The quality and detail were apparent. Each exhaust system is designed, and dyno tested at the D&D facility. Every system is designed to increase low-end torque and horsepower. The looks match the swagger of the bike and we were highly anticipating hearing the new tunes and the performance they would deliver.

It was time! We fired up the bike and let her idle. It was music to our ears with a nice low thumper and cool cam lobe to it. We took the bike over to the dyno to get the results.

The combination of the D&D exhaust, ThunderMax EFI module, Ballistic air cleaner, and Zipper’s cam kit is a marriage made in heaven producing 118 h.p. and 122 tq.! Very impressive numbers.

Plus, the sound of the exhaust under load is another experience in itself.

Come to find out, Rusty from D&D says we should have played with the timing to get even more out of her. Stay tuned for updated numbers. This is an incredible combination that provides a big boost of power to the Milwaukee-Eight. I have put 200 miles on the bike since the modifications. It runs smoother and pulls through the entire torque band. We highly recommend this combination.

Parts List:
D&D #636Z-31-C 2018-2020 2:1 Softail M8 Bob Cat Up-Swept Exhaust Black Ceramic with Black Ceramic Header. Carbon Fiber Sleeve. $1,099.00
Zipper’s Performance Products #517-318 Red Shift 468 Cam Zip Kit for Milwaukee-Eight – Includes Cam, Gaskets, Cam Bearing, Lifters and Quickee Pushrod Kit w/Chrome Covers $609
ThunderMax WaveTune #309-589 2018 – Up Softail Models $989.99
ThunderMax Ballistic 2 Bar Air Cleaner $324.99

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