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What do you do for money?

My advice to all you youngsters out there trying to decide what to do with your life is to figure out what you enjoy doing the most and then figure out a way to make money doing it. For me it’s skateboarding, riding motorcycles, lowriders, and research and development. All of these things, in one way or another have in the past and presently put food on my plate and more importantly make me look forward to “going to work’. If you hate your job, you hate your life, I put in long hours and travel constantly, I stay motivated no matter what, because I love what I do, it’s that simple. 

How did you get into motorcycles?

I am going to have to blame my dad and my stepdad for my motorcycle addiction. My mom hates motorcycles but somehow she divorced one bad ass Harley riding son of a bitch and then married another one a few years later. They both always had cool bikes especially for that time period and influenced me to this day. A habit I picked up from them is they both ride the shit out of their bikes but their bikes are always showroom style detailed. They took a lot of pride in their rides and were always putting in that extra time. If your bike looks sloppy, it was a refection on you. Just cause you ride the shit out of it doesn’t mean it has to look like dogshit, thats just a lazy mans excuse. Pride of ownership. You earned that bike, now keep it looking as good as it can look. My bikes spend their lives a few blocks from the beach, every other month they get professionally detailed by the same guy the last 17 years (shout out to AJ at Black Diamond) and in between details I stay on it at least once a week and every time I ride it the entire bike gets sprayed down and re-polished. If you don’t do this, your bike will be a complete turd within 3 months. You’ll never catch me slipping. We spend a lot of money making these bikes look the way they do. That is only half the investment battle though, keeping them looking like a fresh build 5 years later it’s the real challenge. It’s monotonous and expensive at times, but worth every penny and moment spent. Also, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a small problem before it became a major issue by wiping down the entire bike after every ride. 

What was your first motorcycle?

My first motorcycle was a Kawasaki KX80. First Harley was a 1986 FXR. The KX80 was fun as hell, the FXR was a clapped out turd. Years later though, I bought another 86 FXR and turned it into a beast. That was the bike that got me hooked on FXR’s for years. Now it’s Road Glide or die.

What do you currently ride?

See above haha. I’m a big believer in the Harley Davidson FLTRX Road Glide platform. Either 2010-13 or 2015 – 2018. Both are awesome platforms to build a fun bike. They are decent bikes bone stock, but add motor work, brakes, stereo, bars, and suspension and you have a bike that is tough to beat on all levels.

What is your all-time favorite motorcycle?

My favorite personal bike would be my 2013 Harley Davidson Road Glide. The “Raider Bike” as it’s been called due to the silver & black paint colors and me representing the Raider Nation. This bike got me hooked on Road Glides and I’ve probably had the most fun on it. It’s just that simple. Seems like every time I throw a leg over this bike, classic times are had. It handles perfectly, the motor and stereo make beautiful noise, its reliable, comfortable and hauls ass. What more do you need? Looking back though at the dozens of bikes I’ve owned I’ve been extremely lucky that only maybe one or two have been turds. A turd is a bike that no matter what the fuck you do to it, it remains a turd. There is no hope for it, it’s got the bad juju. Just ghost ride the fuckin thing. Just like some people out here aren’t fixable, some bikes are the same way. Gotta give them the boot. 

What attracted you to motorcycles?

Besides growing up around Harley’s and riding dirt bikes I’d say that motorcycles are an easy transition from being a lifelong skateboarder. Growing up skateboarding in NY, NJ and Miami area it was all about getting out in the city with as many friends as possible and terrorizing the streets  Pushing down the busiest streets dodging taxi cabs, pedestrians, running from the cops and having as much fun as possible with your friends. Putting aside responsibilities, stress, and bullshit in exchange for an adrenaline rush and just having fun. Skateboarding and motorcycles are my fountain of youth. Sure I may get older, but my mindset stays the same.

What do you like about riding motorcycles?

The people. The people I have met through motorcycles are the most solid people on the planet. Some are the same people that the pigs harass on a daily basis just for riding motorcycles. Some are people that have taught me how to weave through the bullshit and focus on what is really important in life. Some have taught me more about respect than any school teacher or authority figure ever did while growing up. Wouldn’t trade these people and the lessons and memories with them for anything. 

How have motorcycles changed your life?

I cant really say how motorcycles have changed my life cause I’ve been doing it my whole life from dirt to street but I will say that the majority of my greatest memories have motorcycles involved somehow. Also, I really cant tell you how many hundreds or thousands of life’s problems I’ve worked out in my head while riding a motorcycle. Riding helps me put things into perspective and helps me realize that 90% of the shit I’m stressing about is pretty much irrelevant. From people to just normal life shit that everyone stresses about. Riding helps me realize how unimportant those people or things are. Having fun and stacking memories with your friends and family are what is really important. 

Who or what have you gained inspiration from?

I’ve been so fortunate to have made friends with some very talented and respected builders, painters, fabricators etc. and I’ve gotten to watch them grow from unknowns in the garage to well known, respected innovators in the game. Guys like Big Chris and Justin at FXR Division. The fact that they are taking me along for the ride with them by giving me a signature handlebar for Road Glides with FXR Division (G Series) blows my mind. I’m proud to just know them. Watching Chip and Mikey grow San Diego Customs to what it is now has also been mind blowing, I remember when it was just Chip in his garage with a waiting list to get in. I still have a hard time processing how far they have come and I’ve been there every step of the way. Seeing them get recognized for their parts and builds makes me so happy because I actually get to witness how much they put into every bit of the process. I’ve known Tony Ramjet, literally since he was like 5 years old. Had the pleasure of partying with his dad (daddio) in my much younger years and, well, those stories cant be told to the public. Those were different days, wild times in the desert. Shit, if I was to tell the stories nobody would believe me anyway. Fear and Loathing in Arizona type shit. Last year some frat boys made a poor decision to jump Tony and a friend, not knowing he had some friends outside that were more than willing to even up the score. Things didn’t go well for Team Frat Boy. It’s times like that I have to laugh, remembering that I’ve known Tony since his childhood days and now, here we are mopping up idiots together. Maybe it’s time for me to grow up a little bit?  Either way, these are just a few examples of people that inspire me daily and I get to call them friends and family. I’m just proud to be in the line up.


Photo: King & Crown

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