Shop Crawl: John Jessup’s Dream Rides

In a big metal building located in Stockton, California a guy named John Jessup has been building some of the cleanest H-Ds for himself as well as a massive crew of discerning customers. We met John years ago and have been following his builds online and seeing them consistently win at bike shows for years now. So when we shot up north for the FXRs of California show we knew we had to stop by his shop. once we walked through the door, we knew we were in the right place. It is a no-bullshit shop with tons of bikes in for service and a ton more machines currently being built from the ground-up. There are walls filled with both new and hard to find used parts and just a general atmosphere of people doing it for the love of motorcycles. John greets everyone with a big smile and a vast knowledge of what he is and his shop are capable of. And we like that a lot. if you are ever in Stockton or need a hard to find part hit em up at:

2275 N Wilson Way, Stockton, CA 95205, USA or online at:

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