Behind the Dyna Days Show

Steve Edgar and Ryan Loughridge are the men behind the all-new Dyna Days event being held this weekend in Riverside, California. As you know there are more than a few events and bike nights year-round in So Cal, but we feel this one is a special attraction for many reasons. That is why VTV sat down with the guys this week and got the intel on how this event came to be and why. Here’s what the duo had to say.

So how did the idea of Dyna Days come to be?

Steve: When we first opened our shop here in Riverside (Speed-Kings Cycle) we had 2 bike nights. They were a lot of fun and got the community together. At the back of our lot we were doing stunt shows with our team and various riders. The association of our building was not happy about this and actually fined us $3200 to re cover and stripe the parking lot. That came with a nice warning on don’t do this again…. Only problem is, I had fun doing them! So I started thinking.. What’s next? What can we do that’s even bigger? I had an idea to do a actual performance show. I pitched the idea to some friends and they said yeah we would back it. I then asked Ryan if he would partner up with me and Dyna Days was born.

Ryan: Steve and I had been working together on Speed-Kings related photo and video content for a couple years. After his bike nights at the shop got the no-go by the landlords I could tell the gears in Steve’s head were turning. He threw out the idea of putting on a show that was geared toward the club-style/performance based bikes that Speed-Kings catered to and he wanted to know if I’d partner up with him on the project. So we got to work.


Where is it located and why did you pick that location?

Steve: It is located at Adam’s Motorsports Park in Riverside CA. I actually used to live right by there and have gone there once for an weird event. The area is pretty crazy and I felt was in our budget. It could house multiple vendors and patrons. Best part was is after I spoke with the owners they would allow us to use the track for a stunting the bikes on. Once we visited this spot and spoke with the owners we knew this was where we would hold the first event.

Ryan: Riverside is actually pretty centrally located for Southern California, halfway between LA and San Diego, a quick ride from Orange County and a manageable ride from Vegas and Central California. We’re lucky enough to already be in Southern California, which is home to a large part of the motorcycle industry. It’s our first year, so we had to find a venue that wouldn’t break the bank and I think we hit the jackpot with Adams Motorsports Park. I think Steve found it one night when there was a 420 farmer’s market or something crazy like that, so he knew they’d be down for an event like ours.


What is the date and time of the event?

November 11th 10am to 4pm


What does the Dyna Days event consist of?

Steve: When Ryan and I talked about this event we both had the same vision. The event would consist of vendors that are highly relevant in the performance market. Not just Dynas but all Harley Vtwin models. We wanted to police the vendors that were attending. At the end of the day we didn’t want people coming to Dyna Days to refinance their house or make an appt to get solar panels installed. We had a vision we agreed on and we stuck with it. This event as a whole though isn’t for us. It’s for the community and that was a mutual feeling we both wanted to express through it. So we teamed up with Moto F.A.M. to make sure this event gave back to the people attending it. A portion of all beer sales goes back to Moto F.A.M. and 100% of all raffle tickets and let me tell you this is one of the sickest raffles I have ever seen!

Ryan: For our first time I think we included quite a lot of elements that people can get excited about. We will have an open bike show with awards presented by Redbeard Originals. Eric from JiffyTune will be setup with his mobile dyno, we’ll have the Speed-Kings Stunt team ripping the track, over 40 top notch vendors, Mark from Rusty Butcher will be running some 110 races that should be comedy too. Moto F.A.M. actually canceled their annual fundraising party and melded it into Dyna Days this year, so there will be a benefit raffle for them with some incredible stuff you can win from our sponsors and vendors.


What do you hope to achieve with this event?

Steve: This is just the beginning. I always think in the future of things and never at the moment. I want this to be a yearly event. Out here in Southern California we have a lot of amazing motorcycle events, but, nothing that we feel captures the essence of the performance scene as a whole. We hope for this to be the one that grows and takes that void.

Ryan: We wanted to have a kickass event that offered an opportunity for the community to get together and have fun. For our first go of it, obviously we want it to be a success. I think this event was a missing piece in the current motorcycle world. We wanted to throw an event that was performance build driven, and I think people are eager to see that.


What separates this event from other So Cal bike shows?

Steve: As stated earlier it just seems that all other Southern California bike shows just sort of touch on the performance scene, but, nothing fully goes for it. As I personally love all types of motorcycles I feel this one is made for the guys who want the most out of their Vtwin.

Ryan: There were already so many bike shows where the FXR/Dyna’s were more of a sideshow than center stage. It’s an event for people into performance built bikes isn’t an overlapped with a sea of stock baggers or heavily intertwined with the chopper scene. We want to be the premier show for that kind of bike and for the fans of that style of build. Nor Cal has been killing it with Dyna/FXR related shows. So, why not have a large kickass event in Southern California?


Is it for Dyna model bikes only?

Steve: This event is for everything performance! If you want to bring out your tough guy chopper BRING IT! If its performance based we want to see it. We are so excited to have such a huge spectrum of bikes there from the crazy sportsters that Rusty Butcher builds to the amazing bagger RPM Moto builds.

Ryan: Short answer, No. Admittedly, the name doesn’t do the whole event justice. The aesthetic definitely takes its cues from the club style dynas and fxrs but it’s a performance bike show. I want to see all types of bikes that were built to perform, be it in their own way. Purpose-built V-Twins are something Steve and I both really gravitate towards, we like bikes that ride fast, stop quick and look good while doing it. So if it’s a turbocharged knucklehead or a tried and true flat track bike, we want it there


Will there be a ride-in Bike show? If so what are the classes?

Yes, if your bike makes it past the gate, it’s automatically entered. We’ll be walking the parking lot and picking finalists for best Dyna, best FXR, best Bagger/Modern, best Performance Chopper and best Sportster, Redbeard Originals and Fab28 will also be giving out an overall “Best In Show” award.


What other attractions will the event have?

Steve: This event literally has one of the most insane raffles I have seen to date! Not only are there amazing prizes, but, 100% of the proceeds go to Moto F.A.M. We have amazing prizes lined up from TBR, Espinoza’s Leather, Plex Audio, Vans, Memphis Shades, Sena, Shred Moto Co. and so much more. We have some amazing food trucks that will be setup for your hunger needs and Towne Park Brewery will be handling your adult drinks. Beyond that we have over 40 vendors and a Stunt show that will last all day long and 3 bands there to rock your socks off! This should be a party for the books!

Ryan: Aside from all the motorcycle related stuff I’ve already mentioned we’ll have a few food trucks on sight. Towne Park beer will be available with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Moto F.A.M. We’re also pretty happy to have a fun musical lineup that includes The Moonroofs, The Manson Family Band as well as Badd Wolf & Wild The Coyote.


Who are some of the Sponsors and Vendors of the event?

Russ Wernimont Designs is a premier sponsor, we’re hyped to have them on board since their product lineup is so sick. Huge shout out to Biltwell, they were our first vote of confidence when we pitched them the idea and they signed on as our first sponsor. Mich from Moto F.A.M. has been a great help in helping us fine-tune the direction this event is headed in. Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys is a sponsor. HardDrive Parts came through in the 11th hour; Towne Park hooked it up with the tasty suds and you, V-Twin Visionary is our media outlet and host. Jeff G. Holt will be on the mic spitting hot fire.

As far as vendors go we have over 40 vendors that represent a good cross section of the motorcycle industry. We wanted to curate our vendor list to reflect that. We didn’t need 12 booths of beard oil. We have hard parts vendors like The Speed-Merchant, Two Brothers Racing, Alloy-Art, Race-Tech and Lyndall Brakes. We have soft goods from Espinoza’s, First Mfg., GRBG Made and Redbeard Originals. Custom experts like Valley Kustoms, Leading Edge, ACPC and more. The list goes on and we are happy to have each and every one of them there.

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