Shop Crawl: Deluxe H-D

In Gillette, Wyoming there is an H-D dealership by the side of the highway. I visited there years ago and met the owner and operator by the name of Chuck Deluxe (yes, that is his real name) After talking for a bit he took me in the back of the shop for an ice cream (a tradition there at the time) and showed me around. Then we walked over to a big warehouse full of vintage bikes and a massive amount of dirt track racers. It was an amazing experience indeed talking to somebody in a small town who had such a big personality and knowledge of both old H-D bikes as well as then newest of new. Sorry to say that Chuck has since passed on, but he has left a great bit of his own heritage that still lives on. Every year to or from Sturgis I go by Deluxe H-D and pay my respects to the man and his amazing family who work so hard to keep his memory alive.

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  1. Jeff quilty Reply

    Chuck was one of the greatest men iv ever meet. He really taught me a lot. Not only about motorcycles, but about life. He will be missed for sure.

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