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DEI Oil Rug Makes a Cleaner Work Area


Changing oil is always messy. The DEI Oil Rug keeps a garage or work area clean and mess free. It quickly absorbs oily spills and drips to keep a work area tidy and accident free. It’s inexpensive and increases safety and cleanliness, be it in a home garage or professional shop. As a result, Oil Rug keeps work areas clean and tidy.

In addition to its use for oil changes, DEI’s Oil Rug is handy for any small engine repair too. Thus it’s a great addition to the work bench of the occasional DIYer or as a required safety product for professionals. Place it under parked motorcycles and cars in the garage or on a bench top for repairs for transmissions, small engines, or any oily messy project.

Designed with completely sealed and welded edges, Oil Rug holds up to 16 ounces of oil without leaking before it should be disposed. Thus a plastic disposal bag is included with each Oil Rug.

dei oil rug
Oil Rug is now available wherever DEI safety products are sold, in three sizes. Small – Part #010750 (12×18-inch), Medium – Part #010751 (18×24-inch), or Large – Part #010752 (29×48-inch).

For more information about DEI’s products, visit, call 800-264-9472, or e-mail: [email protected]. Keep up with the latest DEI products and company news on their Facebook or Twitter profiles or subscribe to DEI’s You Tube channel.



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