Harold Matthews’ Life-Long H-D Addiction

Harold Mathews started working at a local H-D dealership after school in 1934 for three dollars a week. In 1952 Harold bought out an H-D dealership in Merced, California. After working with the previous owner for a year it was all his in 1953. Harold In January of 1961 Harold moved the dealership to Fresno, California and it has been in the same spot ever since. Mathews H-D is now the oldest H-D dealer in California and in 2012 the dealership was remodeled. The remodel now includes a second level that has been made into a museum. It is filled with all sorts of Mathews racing and H-D memorabilia as well as a place to house Harold’s personal collection of vintage racers and street going machines. In a time when many of the MoCo’s dealerships are cookie cutter concrete and steel made to push units, Mathews H-D is all about history and family.


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