JL Audio Introduces Compact and VersatileXDM Amplifiers for Land or Sea

JL Audio, an innovator in high-performance car and marine audio solutions, has today unveiled its new XDM series of compact amplifiers for the automotive and marine markets. Thanks to marine-grade materials, XDM amplifiers are suitable for installation in boats, cars, trucks, and SUV’s and all models are available immediately at JL Audio authorized dealers.

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“Our XD line of car amplifiers and M-series marine amplifiers have been the industry benchmarks for compact amplifiers,” said Brian Power Vice President of U.S. Retail Sales at JL Audio. “The XDM series of amplifiers is a welcome evolution to these product lines, simplifying inventory for our retail partners by working equally well in both car and marine applications.”

XDM series amplifiers are available in a wide range of configurations and power levels, offering incredible versatility for simple and complex system designs. The new XDM amplifiers feature a rugged black powder coated chassis and gasketed control cover, with JL Audio Blue accents.

Quality Sound from Start to Finish

Starting at the source, XDM series amplifiers are equipped with DifferentialBalanced Inputs that combat induced cable noise and allow for the use of conventional RCA cables, while delivering many of the benefits of a true balanced connection. XDM amplifiers also feature an exclusive, selectable mode input filter for noise-free performance in boats or cars.

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XDM amplifiers feature JL Audio’s high-performance NexD switching technology, allowing these compact amplifiers to deliver powerful, audiophile-grade sound quality with very high efficiency and reduced demands from the vehicle or vessel’s charging system and batteries.

XDM amplifiers feature a variety of studio-grade filter options. Each subwoofer amplifier/sub channel features a low-pass filter with a filter range of 50Hz to 500Hz and 12 or 24 dB/octave filter slope options. Full-range amplifiers/channels feature a high-pass filter with a 50Hz to 5KHz filter range, and some also add a bandpass filter option. Both high-pass and bandpass filters offer a 12 dB/octave filter slope.

To further dial in the listening experience, XDM amps feature a remote level control port, and can be paired with optional JL Audio HD-RLC and MHD-RLC amplifier remote level controls.

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Keeps The Music Playing When Things Get Hot

For those days where tunes need to be cranked at full blast, XDM amplifiers are designed to prevent annoying shut down events. With JL Audio’s exclusive Advanced Rollback Protection technology, should XDM amplifiers approach an unsafe operating temperature, a special circuit lowers peak power output, without changing gain, until the amplifier cools down. Once the amplifier cools down, the circuit restores full peak power output. Read more here.

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