LadyBagger: A Sportster Goes Italian

The matter triggers when my wife Valeria tells me “I got my motorcycle license.” Unbeknownst to her I deposited for the purchase of a new motorcycle from my trusted dealer, Harley-Davidson Viterbo, where I’ve been a customer for twenty years. It was a XL1200T; when she sees it live it’s love at first sight. Once we finished the paperwork with the Brò Gianluca, boss of the dealership, we were off and… the project started!

harley-davidson sportster bagger
She has always loved baggers and following her wishes about what style she wanted to give to her Sporty, I started with planning the purchase of every single part to give the whole a style that me of reminds a wolf dog: massive front and low ass!
The Parts Europe Fatbook provided much of the material needed while I assembled it at the Monster Cycles workshop in my home city Grosseto (which also took care of the special installation of the rear multi-function light bar).

harley-davidson sportster bagger

I started immediately with ordering a Memphis Shades BatWing, while other parts like the leather saddle came from the OEM catalog of the factory and were supplied by the dealer in Viterbo.
When it came to lowering the rear, the vertical number plate above the taillight is not compatible, therefore I had to buy a LED multi-function bar (red stop-position and orange arrows) in opaque black from a retailer in the UK. I ask Alessandro of Monster Cycles to make a sort of cover for the holes on the fender where the bar will be installed and the upside-down license plate will be installed. Great job, Ale!

harley-davidson sportster bagger
At this point there is no exhaust and filter (in addition to the ECU mapping). Among the myriad of exhausts (compatible and not compatible) I opted for a nice 2-in-1 Bassani in matte black with a 4-inch rifle as the terminal while for the filter the choice fell on the new Hypercharger ES; it’s very hi-tech with electronic opening valves. And in the end, we mapped the ECU and it was ready.

harley-davidson sportster bagger

This Sportster is a mix between OEM and aftermarket, compatible and non-compatible parts, but this is the final result.

harley-davidson sportster bagger
My wife renamed it LadyBagger and is thrilled with the result. What do you think about it?

Story and Photos by Luca Manni

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