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Otto’s Evo chopper here actually came from a FXR, just like he says in the second video below. It’s also getting ready for a little trip up north. Way up north. How far, you ask? Well…

Otto’s Evo chopper is part of Biltwell Inc’s Operation Numb Nuts. The plan involves running a group of custom bikes through my home state of Alaska all the way up to the Arctic Circle. It’s going to be at least as big an adventure as they think it is.

Regardless of what you think about hitting the Dalton Highway on a rigid chopper, it damn sure won’t be boring. When Mike “Otto” Deutsch started planning this bike last year, he had a very clear in his: “Keep all the junk that makes choppers fun to ride. Make it as bulletproof and reliable as possible.” An 80-inch S&S Evo motor is as good as it gets for balancing reliability and power. Stuff one of those in a hand-made chromoly frame from Spartan George and it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

Evo Chopper

If you like what you see, check out some of the parts that went into his fine chop on the Biltwell website and find out more.

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