We check out Saint CC “Unbreakable 6” Denim Motorcycle Riding Jeans

The Saint CC hard-wearing, all-day riding jeans are built for riding. These jean-style pants do look great and they are made with the world’s strongest denim.

The Unbreakable 6 Straight Jean is firstly re-born from Saint’s archives and customer feedback crafting the perfect balance between abrasion protection and style.

Secondly SA1NT’S Unbreakable 6.0 denim fabric that has been tested time and time again. With great results.

Thirdly, Professional European motorcycle test standards for instance are an approximate 5.9 seconds slide time on the tarmac.

Finally, We found that the fit is great for even for thicker riders. And the cut of these pants are wide enough to fit comfortably over boots.

We test many articles of clothing here at VTV and really like these jeans.

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