Sena Mesh Port Blue

A Solution to Connect any Brand of Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication System to a Sena Mesh Network 

Other manufacturers’ devices don’t offer the ability to connect to Sena’s Mesh network on their own.  If you or a ride friend regret having purchased “another device”, there is an alternative solution to throwing it in the trash and starting over with a whole new communicator:  Sena’s Mesh Port Blue allows a rider to connect any Bluetooth device (such as an intercom system made by other manufacturers) to turn it into a Mesh intercom unit.  Simply pair the “other” Bluetooth device with Mesh Port Blue via Bluetooth.  The paired device will then connect to the Sena Mesh network through Mesh Port Blue, as easily as if the rider was using a Sena intercom system.

Sena’s proprietary Mesh intercom system is one of the easiest ways to connect multiple riders over intercom. Simply turn the Mesh on with the dedicated Mesh button: the unit will automatically seek out and connect with other active Mesh devices in the area. Mesh eliminates complicated pairing, and group size restrictions. If a rider goes out of range, they’ll automatically reconnect to the network once they return.

In fact, since Mesh Port Blue can turn any Bluetooth headset device into a Mesh intercom device, support vehicle drivers or ride coaches on the sidelines of a practice course can also communicate with riders (or each other) via Mesh, by pairing their Bluetooth headsets or earbuds to Mesh Port Blue. The connection possibilities are almost endless!

Mesh Port Blue

For more info on the Sena Mesh Port Blue – Click Here

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