V-Twin Visionary Tour Plays to Packed House

Our first V-Twin Visionary Smoky Mtn Tour drew a pretty good crowd of folks, when they weren’t out riding, of course. Here’s a quick look just to show you we’re not making it up.

Oh, and there were also these things called “motorcycles” in attendance too. Baggers, choppers, scramblers, dirt iron, and more. This being a custom bike event and all, that’s kinda what people were expecting…

…and live music here at The Shed, too.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to everyone who showed up and had a good time. We’d also like to give as big a thank you to Law Tigers, Thunder Press, Rider, the terrific bike builders, Rever, and Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson for hosting us and putting up with us all weekend.

We’ll have more for you on this year’s antics and news on next year’s coming soon.

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