Riders Share Will Pay You to Buy More Motorcycles

Earlier this week, Riders Share announced that it will be paying users an additional $250 who list their 2015 or newer BMW, Can-Am, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Indian, and Urals motorcycles and vehicles on the platform, and perform three rentals by October 14, 2021. Riders Share provides owners the opportunity to cash-in on their motorcycles, and the perfect excuse to buy another. So, when your wife asks why there is another motorcycle in the garage, you can blame it on them. They helped you solve the perfect number of motorcycles you need in your life, which is N+1. 

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“Historically, purchasing a motorcycle hasn’t been viewed as a good investment. But we are aiming to change that with the Riders Share platform,” said Guillermo Cornejo, CEO of Riders Share. “We have helped many of our users turn their motorcycles into incredible financial investments. They return as much as 2,800% in three years by listing their motorcycles and utilizing the peer-to-peer platform. Riders Share users have started businesses based on the volume rentals they are performing on the platform. It truly is the power of the peer-to-peer platform.”

If you’re looking for an excuse to buy your next bagger, touring, or naked bike, the company just gave you the best reason ever. With the ability to profit off your motorcycle and take your next step towards financial independence, there has never been a better time to purchase that new bike. As a category disruptor, Riders Share is committed to changing the way we travel and access motorcycles. 

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The motorcycles and vehicles that perform the best on the platform are as follows: BMW adventure bikes, Can-Am, Ducati Monsters and Scramblers, Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Electra Glide, Indian Chieftains, Challenger and Roadmasters, and Urals. Adventure bikes from all brands tend to also perform well. If your market is already crowded with American baggers, a Honda Goldwing can help you stand out. It is highly recommended to choose these motorcycles and that the vehicles be 2015 or newer. This ensures the best success for users in getting paid their $250 bonus from Riders Share. The company also has a referral program. It allows users to provide $50 in free credits to friends to allow them to experience the site and book their first rental. Thus streamlining the opportunity to get paid for owning a motorcycle. Find out the details on the motorcycle sharing company’s website.

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