Derek Billingsley’s 2015 Dyna FXDB | Golden Black

I purchased my first Harley-Davidson back in 2014 from Boswells Harley in Nashville TN. When I finally was able to afford my 2015 Dyna FXDB it was an accumulation of mixed parts and accessories years in the making. I grew up around motorcycles. My dad was an avid Harley owner and I knew that one day it would be my passion as well. The roots run deep for me.

Being a young tattooer at the time I bought it, I traveled doing conventions and guest spots for tattooing. So my whole focus was building up my career from the time I was 21. I worked damn near seven days a week for a very long time, devoting myself to my craft. In doing so, I tattooed in almost every single state and many countries. After years of focusing only on my work, I decided it was time to really start living my life. You can’t take the money when you leave this world so you might as well fucking enjoy it!

2015 Dyna FXDB
Words: Derek Billingsley Photos: Jeff G Holt

New York State of Mind

At the time, I was living in the NYC area, specifically Long Island, and I decided I needed a change. I took a job in Nashville, Tennessee and first chance I got I went into the Harley dealership to look at bikes. Even then I knew I wanted a Dyna because my Dad had ridden Dyna’s in the past. I knew I was too fucking big to ride a Sportster and I knew if I kept tattooing 7-days a week I could afford the Dyna. So going in a didn’t know much about the model differences. In the Dyna class, I just went for whatever looked cool at the time. I hadn’t ridden street bikes and I really didn’t know shit about what was going on, so I purchased a 2015 Dyna FXDB. Of course being in the south it had forwards and I threw on some bitchin’ apehangers to be a cool guy! Trust me, it worked, LOL.

Harley-Davidson 2015 Dyna FXDB

So I rode it “Southern Style” for a little while. I then blacked out some parts and was just blindly throwing shit on that I thought looked cool. I had no real rhyme or reason at all. Then one weekend I was out riding with my buddy Travis. He had a fully done-up Road King that was painted by Josh Lemon. After staring at that damn bike all day in the backwoods of Tennessee I decided that I would contact Josh to paint my standard black Dyna and have him do a panel paint black and gold scheme. I go in Monday talk to him about cost and turn around and give him free reign to do his thing. Tuesday I drop it off and by Saturday I already had the bike back. I couldn’t believe he was able to knock It out of the park and that fast. Still blows my fucking mind to this day. He’s a madman!

Harley-Davidson 2015 Dyna FXDB

Fast forward a few months. I take a work trip out to Southern California for tattooing and immediately fall in love with the culture, the weather, and the year round riding. I said, “Fuck it. I’m moving here” and in less than a year made it happen. For the first few months of living here, trying to split lanes with these fucking wild-hog apes and forwards I was like, “This shit is stupid and I’m gonna die.” Then the second “purpose-built” bike rebuild started. With riding literally every day, I spent much time and money gettin’ it right. I have run multiple exhausts and multiple handlebar setups, but I couldn’t be happier with the setup I currently run. It’s been a lot of trial and error and wasted money but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know this bike front to back and have a total respect and appreciation for every single parts manufacturer or homie who has helped me put this thing together. I’m no bike builder for sure but I’ve figured out some shit over the years and I really love motorcycles.

Now that this 2015 Dyna FXDB is set up proper for what I do with it, I am taking on another challenge. Next up I’m gonna get my dad’s 2003 100th anniversary CVO Road King, and rework it to make that baby really perform! My dad no longer rides due to be confined to a wheelchair and it breaks my heart to know he can never ride again. So I’m purchasing this bike and I’m gonna carry on his legacy and put down thousands and thousands of miles on a bike he always loved. The next one is for you, pops!



Owner-  Derek Billingsley

Shop- My garage or help from some friends                   

Year/Make/Model-2015 Harley-Davidson FXDB 

Build Time- 4 years give or take


Year- 2015

Type- V Twin

Size- 103ci       

Cases- H-D      

Cylinders- H-D             

Heads- H-D      

Rocker Boxes- H-D

Cams- S& S .585          

Throttle Body- H-D       

Air Cleaner- San Diego Customs           

Exhaust- Bassani Road Rage 2 


Year- 2015

Type- H-D        

Clutch- H-D      

Primary Drive- H-D                   


Year/Type- 2015                       

Rake/Stretch- STOCK   



Make- H-D

Tubes- Hard Drive        

Length- 2+

Springs- Race Tech

Triple Trees- H-D


Swingarm- H-D 

Rear Shock- Russ Wernimont Designs

Length- 14-inch


Front Wheel

Builder/Size- H-D/19-inch          

Tire Brand/Size-            Dunlop

Brake Calipers- HD Bagger Caliper        

Brake Rotors- HD Brembo

Rear Wheel

Builder/Size- H-D/17-inch          

Tire Brand/Size-            Dunlop

Brake Caliper- H-D       

Brake Rotor- H-D Brembo         

Sprocket- Bung King

Chain- EK 530 Chain


Painter- Josh Lemon

Paint Manufacturer- Dunno       

Colors Used- Gold & Black       

Graphics- Josh Lemon

Pinstriping- Josh Lemon                        

Powdercoating- Americoat        


Front Fender- H-D        

Rear Fender- H-D         

Gas Tank- H-D 

Dash-31 State  

Gauges – Dakota Digital

Handlebars- Diamond Lane

Risers- Big Al’s

Grips- Vans Odi Grips

Mirrors- H-D

Hand Controls- H-D      

Throttle Tube- Moons MC                     

Foot Controls- H-D       

Floorboards- San Diego Customs         

Pegs- San Diego Customs

Headlight- Moons MC

Taillight – H-D

License Mount- Custom Dynamics 4-1               

Front Turn Signals- Moons MC LED

Rear Turn Signals- Alloy Art      

Crash/Engine Bar- Speed Kings

Seat- Saddlemen

Sissy Bar- H-D

Sissy Bar Pad- Saddlemen       

Fairing- Memphis Shades Road Warrior

Stereo- Plex Audio

Amplifier-Rockford Fosgate      

Speakers-Rockford Fosgate

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