Maxima SC1 New Bike in a Can: Now in Travel Size

Maxima Racing Oil’s SC1 Bike in a Can gets your Harley-Davidson or Indian motorcycle all nice and clean. And now it comes in a smaller, more convenient package, too. That’s good when you’re on a long ride. Motorcycles don’t exactly have the storage space of a SUV.

Maxima Racing Oil’s original “New Bike in a Can”, SC1 restores that factory shine and lives up to the claim. SC1 high gloss coating is specifically formulated to protect and beautify multiple surfaces including plastic, vinyl, rubber, and carbon fiber. Water-resistant formulation is safe for use on gloss or matte finishes. It also makes the clean-up process easier by forming a durable coating that repels mud, dirt and debris. Can be applied and left untouched or allowed to setup and be buffed to a dry sheen, leaving a long-lasting luster.

maxima sc1

Use SCI New Bike in a Can on multiple finishes. For a non-greasy, brilliant sheen, spray on surface, let setup and then wipe off excess. To create an outstandingbarrier against mud and other debris from sticking, spray on surface and leave wet. For best performance, first clean and prepare area withMaxima BIO Wash or similar wash. Pick up your SC1 on the company website.

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