SHOP CRAWL: Race Tech Suspesnion

There’s a place in Corona, California that builds suspension for your V-Twin and they are like no other. Race Tech was started by Paul Thede some three decades ago as a way to make all sorts of motorcycles more pleasurable to ride. Whether it be comfort on a cruiser or a more responsive bike on the track, road, or dirt Race Tech has done it all. Both walk-in Joes and the big factory team’s pros come to Race Tech for one reason alone; the products are built to order for each rider’s individual riding style, wants and needs. Why would you not want that in a suspension? We are all different heights, weights, and have different levels of riding experience, so why would a person think that an off-the-shelf shock or fronted do a better job than a custom one?¬† it makes you wonder doesn’t it? 1501 Pomona Road Corona, CA 92880-6990


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