T-Man Performance Shop Walk

Writing and Photography by Alex Stivaletti

In the world of V-Twin performance shops, specifically Harley, there are plenty out there, but not all are the same.  T-Man Performance in Kernersville, North Carolina takes performance to a whole new level with the ultimate display of precision in everything that they do.

The T-Man crew consists of the father-son duo of TR and Brandon Reiser along with a hand-picked team of machinists and Harley horsepower gurus.  The Reiser name has a deep connection with Harley-Davidson and the motorcycle racing world.  I guess you can say performance is a family affair.  

tman performance
TR himself is a record holding racer and is not shy to exceed 200mph on his machines.  The same goes for Brandon with his half-mile endeavors, so you could say these guys will back up any claim to knowing what they’re doing when it comes to getting your bike dialed in for maximum performance.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your performance needs, this is it.  T-Man Performance offers a line of innovative products to give you the leading edge on gaining some more power and torque.

 They have packages that range from your simple bolt-ons to some more “involved” product that really will put you over the top.

 During my visit to their shop, I was blown away at the attention to detail that they put into everything that they do.  A majority of their work is spec’d out to the thousandth of an inch and the quality control is top notch. 

When we discussed my personal build (a fairly tired 103” Twin Cam) they explained in detail every option I had and what kind of power/reliability I can expect.  From that conversation, Brandon then took me around and explained the process of everything they do for their customers.  

I decided that I wanted what they call their 107” Pro-Touring kit which would include boring my stock cylinders, machining/porting my stock heads for better flow and their 660 cams along with supporting modifications.

 T-Man recently acquired a Haas V3 5-axis machine that they will be running hard to CNC port heads and also manufacture various products.  Don’t be fooled however, even after a precision CNC porting, each set of heads gets special attention with some hand porting to make sure everything flows correctly and is smooth.  Plus, they would know if it flows, because each set of heads also spends some time on their flow bench along with an intake runner and throttle body to ensure that the reading simulates a real-world application.

It doesn’t stop there, either.  T-Man has a chassis dyno in house where they will strap your bike down and let the numbers do the talking.

 All-in-all, this is the place you want to trust when it comes to your bike’s performance.  From their attention to detail to their build documentation, they are second to none.  These guys are worth looking into for sure.  Give them a call when you want some more out of your Harley.

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