USA Tour Sponsor Bio: Barenjager Honey Liqueur

Barenjager Honey loves themselves the V-twin motorcycle action and you’ll find them sponsoring the V-Twin Visionary USA Tour this year. You may have already joined us for happy hour with them in previous years but if you haven’t, here’s a little more information to entice you to rectify that mistake.

Barenjager HotToddy
  • What does your company do in the V-twin industry?
    • Barenjager Honey Bourbon is the official spirits sponsor of the V-twinVisionary USA Tour 2022.
  • Give us a brief history of the company. How and why did it get started?
    • The only imported honey bourbon where American heritage meets 18th Century Germany, Barenjager Honey & Bourbon is a delicious blend of premium honey liqueur infused with American bourbon whisky.
  • What draws your business to the V-twin side of the motorcycle industry?
    • Barenjager Honey & Bourbon was made for tough and rugged hunters in olden Germany.  Now, the legacy lives on while we trek the USA with the men and women who represent V-twin.
  • Sum up your company in three words.
    • Real Honey Bourbon
  • What do you like most about the V-twin Visionary USA Tour?
    • The VTV Tour brings together so many people from across the country.  We love the camaraderie and connections made at each stop.  It is great that Barenjager gets to be a part of something larger – and we hope that those on tour make memories that will last a lifetime.
barenjager on vtv usa tour

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