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Lowbrow Customs history

Lowbrow Customs History

Lowbrow Customs just turned 15 years old. Being a custom bike shop, they’re not celebrating like other people hitting that milestone: they made a film.

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cushman scooter

Cushman Scooter Factory TBT

Cushman Scooter hit its stride in the mid-1950s when all the WWII vets and their families were enjoying this thing called “economic prosperity.”

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1950s Harley-Davidson Sales Film

Here’s a sweet (if dated) tidbit of Harley-Davidson history you don’t see every day: a late-1950s overview of the latest models of the day. Duo Glides, the new Sportster, Hummer, and Model 165 are all present and accounted for.

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evel knievel toys

Evel Knievel and His Wonderful Toys

Someone needs to bring back Evel Knievel’s old Ideal toy line. Not for the kids, mind you, for me. Way back when ol’ Evel was at the height of his popularity and disco was king, kids could get toy versions of all of his vehicles (some of which he never had).

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Motorcycle Chariot Racing

Way back before almost all of us were born, motorcycle chariot racing was a thing. I don’t think the Romans ever thought to hook hogs up to theirs, but in the 1930s folks hooked up hogs of the Harley-Davidson persuasion no problem. Check out this clip from Australia circa back in the day.

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