Simms Bay Area Custom Cycles

For what seems like forever Ron Simms has been building big-inch badass machines that have been ripping up the streets of the Bay Area. And one visit to his shop will tell you that though the style of bikes may have changed, being a real-deal two-wheeled speed dealer hasn’t relented one bit.

Yes, the Simms family has been in this custom bike building game as long as it has been around, but to come into a shop these days where even the oil changes seem high-performance its a really cool thing to see.

Up front is a installation of Ron Simms two-wheeled artwork as well as a full-on retail shop loaded with the latest and greatest aftermarket parts. In the back of the shop is a full tech service area with everything needed to either change a tire or fully fab a ground-up build. And everything in between.

If you don’t believe us on how rad this place is then swing by the shop yourself. They are located at 21129 Foothill Blvd, Hayward, CA 94541 and if you aren’t a puss you can even get a tattoo from Simms Ink located right above the shop.

Arlen Ness Motorycles

You know who the undisputed Godfather of custom bikes is right? its Arlen Ness of course. Yeah, that was a rhetorical question.

All it takes is one stroll through the Ness family’s world headquarters, retail location, and museum and one can gaze with much amazement the history of this person’s vision and the brand it has evolved into.

We were lucky enough to catch three generations of Ness (Arlen, his son Corey, and grandson Zach) while we were there and they took us on the grand tour compete with a ton of behind the scenes peeks are rare bikes, future top secret bike builds, and unreleased new parts.

We highly suggest putting this place on your two-wheeled bucket list and swinging by the Ness HQ located at: 6050 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568


OG Moto Show

This was the second annual Outlier’s Guild Motorcycle Show aka the OG Moto Show. It was yet again held in a formerly empty warehouse in the Art District of Downtown Los Angeles. The event was set up more like an art show than a traditional motorcycle show. The bikes were wide-ranging and the show had much more for show goers to gaze at  than just your run-of-the-mill V-Twin-powered custom bikes, so that was refreshing. There was also a slue of vendors, some beer and wine being poured, as well as a couple of food trucks.
Some people we polled thought that the OG Moto show was overrun with hipsters, but we here at VTV think that it was actually a very progressive show that brought many motorcyclists from many different backgrounds together for the sake of cycling. And how can that be a bad thing?

Born Free Cycles

Alex and Kerri Lopez opened the doors of Burbank, California’s Born Free Cycles in 2011. Alex was tired of being a service manager at the local H-D dealer and making a bunch money for someone else. Brimming with the good old punk rock DIY attitude, Alex and his bride jumped in with both feet and have been killing the independent shop retail game ever since.

The shop is full service and had a grip of full-time and well seasoned mechanics on duty to handle anything that rolls into the shop. Up front Born Free Cycles has a ton of aftermarket parts and softgoods on hand in their well-styled showroom.

If you are ever find yourself in the Hollywood/Burbank area swing by and see them at: 110 W. Burbank Blvd #B Burbank, Calif. 91502

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